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3. The Pad Henderson – Newest Facility + 24 Hr Access

7585 Commercial Way J, Henderson, NV 89011, map

Setting: 3/5
Facility: 4/5
Rates: $23 Day Passes | Memberships Starting at $66.67/month
Setting Routine: Resets Bouldering Twice a Week and Rope Once a Week
Types of Climbing: Bouldering, Top Rope, Lead
Busiest Times: Weekdays after work
Training Boards: Woods Board, Kilter Board, Tread Wall, Campus Board

They have the newest and largest facilities in Vegas. It was our original home gym when we moved to Henderson. We recommend going here if you live in Henderson or need 24-hour access.

I used to work as a setter here, and I’m forever grateful to the previous owners who taught me what I know, but everything changed with the new management. We left the gym in 2019, shortly after all my health problems, and we decided to switch to the Refuge once I recovered since most of our friends also switched over.

We still hear horror stories about how management has responded and treated employees and members, which doesn’t make us want to return. In addition, our few remaining friends say the setting has gone downhill (although we’ve heard it has slightly improved lately), and more injuries have happened because of the change in setting.

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