Living in Las Vegas Pros and Cons You Need to Know from a Local

Access to Nationwide Popular Food Spots →

If a restaurant is doing well in other cities, expansion to Las Vegas is sure to come.

The strip attracts many celebrity chefs, and the most popular chains, like Black Tap in NYC and Bouchon from Napa, open here next. It makes the city unique since you can try food from all over the nation. It’s no NYC, LA or SF, but it’s a solid second-tier food city.

We’ve also never been to such good all-you-can-eat sushi spots. They are all over town, and part of the reason everyone in the city can get such good fish is because the strip always gets fresh shipments.

The one thing we miss is Korean food, but we got spoiled with Korean food in LA.

Local Tip: Don’t miss the Hawaiian food in Vegas. It’s considered the 9th island, and with so many Hawaiians living here, there are some amazing spots like Poke Express.

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